TIJMP - Tools Interface Java Memory Profiler

Current version: 0.8
Released: Jan 12 2009
MS Windows

Robert Olofsson


version 0.8 (2009-01-12) Owner dialog now show array lengths. Tried to avoid crashes on solaris when %s is given a NULL pointer. Added a button that writes out full thread information to a file. Made sure that /usr/local/share/java is searched when tijmp looks for it's jar, /usr/local/lib may not be on java.library.path even if libtijmp.so is loaded from there. version 0.7 (2008-06-30) Started working on method tracing. Made tijmp register with the bootstrap classloader instead of the system classloader, that means binding the native methods manually, but tijmp automatically gets more permissions. Added monitor and lock information to the thread dialog. version 0.6 (2008-05-25) The owner dialog showed "java.lang.Class" instead of the real class name for static references, now it shows the correct class. Code cleanup and added a lot of @Override. Added a dialog to inspect the threads. version 0.5 (2008-02-19) Added a clas inspection dialog. Added a tree that shows all Strings. Big code cleanup from ecj warnings. version 0.4 (2007-10-20) Scan library dir as well as share/java, may work better on windows. Added a first version of a memory usage graph. Added Kensuke Matsuzaki patch to make tijmp run on windows. version 0.3 (2007-07-10) Static fields in owner tree now show correct info (instead of "field 246 <null> in java.lang.Class"). Fixed the array index position in the owner tree. Changed the install path for tijmp.jar (should go into share/java/). Tried to make the classpath setup more stable and fixed a memory error in it. version 0.2 (2007-06-12) Simple information frames now have titles. Created an interface for the ui handling to allow for a future networked ui. Created an interface for the profiler to enable future networked ui. Finding child objects now ignore references to tijmps own classes. version 0.1 (2007-06-07) First release, can show heap usage, can show memory info, can show owners and instances.