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Current version: 1.7
released: Jan 06 2010


Robert Olofsson


release 1.7 (2010-01-06) Made an interface for creating TreeNodes and updated the graph builders so that they use that one. Added a TreeNodeFactory that uses a fixed size. The hierarchy graph builder now tries to use dynamic class loading to find super classes. Fixed a problem when there is no super class (java.lang.Object). Added counting of used classes and added an option to view a graph that shows #classes/#methods/loc. release 1.6 (2009-02-19) Made an interface for building the Graph and moved all graph building code out to newly made classes. Added a graph builder that builds graphs based on class hierarchy. release 1.5 (2008-04-09) Changed internal representation to int (all doubles were .0). Changed drawing to use drawLine and fillRect for faster operations. Fixed a few bugs in class reading that could cause AIOOBE. Imroved text area logging performance. Setting filters now recolors so that only the visible classes affects the color of the node. release 1.4 (2008-03-09) Code cleanup due to ecj warnings. Refactor class size into interface and implementing class. Changed to use asm instead of bcel. Run scan on startup if given jars on command line. Run scan when a jar is added. Classname filter dialog now shows current filter. Added a popup menu for easy classname filter handling. release 1.3 (2007-09-24) Added package name texts to the graphics. Added class name texts to the graphics. release 1.2 (2007-08-26) Added the ability to color classes from a file of class names. JFileChooser can be very slow on MS Windows, try to make handling of the file choosers nicer (Patrick). Added a simple pdf export, uses itext for pdf graphics. Added a simple svg export, uses batik for svg graphics. Now shows a wait cursor while exporting files. Fixed a bug in "suggest filter" when no classes are loaded. release 1.1 (2007-07-30) Log parse time. Synchronize a SizePanel a bit. Added a simple png export. Added a small legend to the graph window. Added a button that suggests a reasonable filter. Added a progress dialog during jar file scanning. Added a class name filter. release 1.0 (2007-07-25) First release.