Package org.khelekore.rnio.impl

The classes that actually implement rnio.


Interface Summary
AcceptorListener A listener for accepted connections.

Class Summary
AcceptingServer A basic server for rnio.
Acceptor A standard acceptor.
BasicStatisticsHolder A holder of statistics for tasks.
CachingBufferHandler A buffer handler that re-uses returned buffers.
Closer A helper class that can close resources without throwing exceptions.
DefaultTaskIdentifier A basic immutable task identifier
MultiSelectorNioHandler An implementation of NioHandler that runs several selector threads.
SimpleBlockReader A reader of data.
SimpleBlockSender A simple sender of data.
SocketHandlerBase<T extends SelectableChannel> A socket handler that never times out and always runs on the selector thread.

Package org.khelekore.rnio.impl Description

The classes that actually implement rnio.

The easy way to create a simple server that uses rnio is to use the AcceptingServer.

If you want to set everything up yourselv you can create your own MultiSelectorNioHandler.